What is Email Marketing and its Importance?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the technique of marketing which helps to connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales.

It is the marketing channel for every business through which every business sell their products, share some news and tell a story.

How can Email Marketing work for businesses?

  • Sell to a targeted audience: When you communicate with your targeted audience about your brand, it’s a chance for selling your stuff. Keep your targeted audience happy to giving them a special offer and sales will happen naturally. List out of audience based on demographics and target them according to their interest and needs by sending product information.
  • Personalization to boost sales: The first name in your email marketing message will help to create a strong relationship with your audience. They considered the right message to the right person and feel like a one to one conversation. This conversation creates a more personal connection between you and peoples.
  • Content marketing strategies: Content marketing strategies help in sales through:
    • Subject lines: Subject line should look like an attractive and effective. Without content, its a chance, your email will be ignored or deleted. Your email subject line like; 
      • Feels urgent, 
      • Presentable, 
      • Feels personally, 
      • Tell the product story
  • Call to action: Your email should contain a call to action button with catchy text like reading More, Click Here, Submit, Download, Sign Up and Buy Now. Your email should contain at-least one call to action button so that your subscribers don’t get distracted from the goal of your email.
  • Voice: Voice email will provide the value of your email and the sales will happen. Voice email marketing will increase your business personality and create engagement.

How you can grow your brand with the help of Email Marketing?

  1. Templates design that matches your brand: Your email templates should contain relevant content, colour, fonts, call to action, voice, and other elements that match your business website along with the proper logo. Email should contain company information such as URLs, Phone Number, and other related information also.
  2. Send Email regularly: Create your strong relationship with your audience through sending email regularly to your audience. Send updated product information to your audience build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Importance of Email Marketing:

  1. Cost-Effective: Email marketing allow the business owner to reach a large number of clients at a lower rate. This is the better choice than traditional marketing like TV and Radio. Email marketing is cheaper and does not require lots of investment.
  2. Personalizable: You can send Email personally to your audience and it increases customer engagement. Email marketing helps to build a relationship with prospects and leads because it gives a chance to speak directly with the audience, in their inbox.
  3. Goal Oriented: Everybody is trained to know how to use email – reply, forward, and sign-up. With email, marketing businesses convert traffic on the website and increase sales.
  4. Measurable: Email Marketing software helps you to track who opened your email, which links were clicked and how many people subscribed. Through this software, you can easily track delivery rates, click through rate, bounce rate and improve your effectiveness.
  5. Reach customer in real time: Now maximum consumer uses a mobile device to access all types of media and other information like emails. So email produces a higher conversion rate.
  6. Increase brand awareness: Email marketing helps to increases brand awareness through relevant subject line and content. Every business use this strategy to sell the product and make trust in consumers and increase sales.

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