Strategies for Keywords Research in 2018

In a layman language Keyword research is when you type something in the query box and start getting the desired keyword for your business or for a project. It can be better explained when both of the words studied individually “Keywords” and “Research”. Keywords is a phase or group of words which brings a meaning in the context of a query, Keywords is a quarry asked by an individual. Whereas research is searching for the right keyword as per target / desired audience.

Keyword research is most essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they are the base for SEO. Getting the right keyword is the most tuff job for any business and if you get the appropriate keyword according to your business half of the problems gets solved by itself. It is a kind of deal breaker, if you will choose right keyword it can shoot your business up and if you will choose the wrong one then it can bring all the things down on the ground. It is very important to understand your target market so that you can decide what your customers are searching for, this will help in bring right customer to your business.

Example: if your business is a hotel situated in Delhi then you should pick the keywords like best hotels in Delhi / rooms in Delhi instead of hotels in India / rooms in India.

Benefits from Keyword Research

  • Desired Perception: what people are searching? what is their perception? and how do they think? All these answers will get cleared by keyword research. When you will brainstorm for keywords and start researching what people are looking for then gradually you will start getting the customer’s perception.


  • Targeted Audience: The very first and important benefit of keyword research is you get the Targeted audience which means only those people will visit your website who are actually interested in the product/service.


  • Conversion ratio: when you will get the quality / desired audience who are in search of your product will give better conversion ratio and all these will lead to keyword research. It is just an obvious thing when you have that thing which customer is looking for then the conversion rate will be on higher side.


3 Major types of Keywords


  1. Short Tail: These keywords are short and quick to search like if someone is looking for hotels in Delhi, he/she will directly search for hotels in Delhi. These keywords have greater competition as compared to others.


  1. Long Tail: These keywords are long in range and they are searched less as compare to short tail like if someone is looking for hotels in India, he/she will type best hotels in India under 5k. These keywords have lesser competition as compared to the short tail.


  1. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI): LSI keywords are keywords which appear in suggestion while searching for some keyword. These are the related keywords to your search query. It also helps in SEO, the presence of these keywords on a page or blog increase the value of the same.


How to cut down the competition

In an area of keywords on the internet there is cut-throat competition and if your business is just started you should not get involved in short tail keywords. There are other ways to cut the competition down and rank high by following these simple step.

  • Prefix: Add Prefix to your short tail keyword which will cut the competition down and increase the possibility to get the higher rank eg. If someone is looking for hotels in India then targeted keyword should be “best hotels in India”. Here best is the Prefix for this keyword.


  • Suffix: Add suffix to your short tail keyword which will cut the competition down and increase the possibility to get the higher rank eg. If someone is looking for hotels in India then targeted keyword should be “hotels in India under 5k”. Here under 5k is the suffix for this keyword.

These are the best ways to make your competition shorter and get high rank on the internet. By using the combination of these prefix and suffix.


Tools for keyword research

There are various tools available for keyword research on the internet but the best one which one should practice is Brain Storming because by brainstorming you can come up which endless numbers of keywords. But if you want to save your precious time then you should check out below popular tools which are partially free.


  • Google Keyword Planner is a tool offered by Google AdWords where you can search your keyword once and get numbers of related keywords. It gives you most possible related keywords according to your search query.


  • Keyword Explorer is also a tool which is powered by it also offers you different keywords for your search query. It also provides search volume for your keyword and other relevant data in a selected location.


  • KWFinder is a tool which helps you in finding related keywords for your business with different filters in it. It gives you different filters which you can apply for better results.

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