Digital marketing Courses in Gurgaon

Join Digital Scholars advanced digital marketing course in Gurgaon by working on real time projects and hands on practice. We are the only digital marketing training institute who follow the result driven industry working process to reduce the gap between learning and working environment.

When you talk to training institutes they try to prove them-self best of the industry. These things always confuse which digital marketing institute is good for us.

Know more about Digital Marketing

If you are not much aware of Digital Marketing don’t worry just give me a few minutes to make you understand about Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is the way of Promotion of Products or services using the internet and digital devices and makes people aware about the value of your products and services. 

Digital Marketing is Divided into the various field and can be done through multiple online channels, so what are the various online proportional channels?

Every website or online portals where our potential customers are browsing things are our targets, In Digital marketing, our main goal is to reach our service or product webpage in front of potential customers who may be more interested to purchase our product.

Most targeted online platform by most of the business to sell their product is Google in Search Engine, in Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube,

Today! Every business potential customers are available online on any of the platforms. But we have to make efforts as per our potential customer’s availability.

Why Everyone Need to Learn Digital Marketing Today?

After completing this Digital marketing course you can easily understand how businesses approach to transform their marketing process.


Eligibility Required for Join Digital Marketing Course?

If you are eager to learn Digital marketing nothing can stop you from learning. But if you have to learn this skills and make it work for your career, business or anything else for you, you must have a good understanding of English, Frequent user of  Computer and Internet.

Digital marketing cover 20% Technical Skills and 80% Depends on tools and your marketing mindset. If you have technical skills you have to work over marketing mindset if you have marketing mindset you have to work over technical skills to master in Digital marketing.

If you are weak from both sides you also can become master of this industry, but it will take more time and have to work over other supportive skills.

Who can Join Our Digital Marketing Course?

Our complete digital marketing course is designed for professionals and focus on online business growth, anyone who is responsible for online business presence can be part of our Online marketing training program.

Here are few categories of People who can be part of Our Digital Marketing training program

  • Small Business Owners who are looking to manage their business online presence own.
  • Business Owners who are looking to go make their presence Online.
  • Marketing managers who manage Digital marketing team but don’t have Digital Marketing Knowledge.
  • Reporting Managers who deals with their Online Marketing team or Agency.
  • Professionals who are looking to switch their career in field of Digital Marketing.
  • Students who are looking for career opportunity not for part time earning.
  • Anyone who is eager to learn, want to add digital marketing in Skill Set.


Here are the 10 Best Digital Marketing Institute in Gurgaon


  1. W3training School – it is the one of the best training institute in Gurgaon for digital marketing, they have professional trainers who are already working in the digital marketing sector. They focus more on the practical exposure of digital marketing modules.

The course is designed for students and businessman both of them, their course is tailored in such a way that both students and businessman both get benefited. The main USP of the institute is their training method, they make students to work on their projects and make the students practically enable.

W3training School is serving from last 4 years when digital marketing has just begun or start developing. It is the prime institute for doing digital marketing course in Gurgaon.


Course Link: Advance digital marketing course and 100% job guarantee Course

Module : 30+ modules

Time period: 2.5 months

Trainers Experience: 8+ years

Batches: Morning & Evening

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: INR 28,000 To 1,00,000

Website :



  1. Digital Vidya

Digital vidya is also a very nice institute to join digital marketing course, the course they offer is digital marketing master certification (CDMM). They target every possible audience but more of the working professionals are interested in doing the digital marketing. Their curriculum is designed by the highly qualified professionals who have 17 years of experience.

Under CDMM you will get the live SEO project to practice and also managing paid ad campaigns on Facebook. The training will be of 200+ hours, they provide online training to their students like live classes. If you missed the live sessions then it will be recorded and can be used afterwards. Along with the training they also provide internship under their corporate houses.

Course Link : CDMM – digital marketing master certification

Module : 8+ modules

Time period: 200+ hours

Trainers Experience: 17 years

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: INR 49,000 + 18% GST

Website :


  1. Digiperform

Digiferform is also doing the good in digital marketing education they have been awarded as ‘Asia’s Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education’ by WCRC. They offer two courses 1. Certified digital marketing executive course and 2. Certified digital marketing consultant course. We have trained over 15000+ students yet and they are available at 35+ centers.

Digiperform is there since 2014 and till that day it is growing really fast, they sense the need of the market and started doing what it really it needs to do. It is coming out to be the best institute of digital marketing in Gurgaon and at other location also. Trainers are also from the same domain and knows the everything of digital marketing, they trainers are much more experienced and teaching the student very nicely.

Course Link: dCDME and dCDMC

Module : 11 in dCDME and 30 in dCDMC

Time period: 2 months

Trainers Experience: 7 years

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: NA

Website :



  1. DM Guru

It is a group of IT and SEO professionals who provide career oriented digital marketing training. They focus on the practical implementation of digital marketing and for that they provide live projects to the students to make things better. They also provide study material to their students

They offer courses from 14 days to 3 months and scholarship is also offered to the students under their program and they also ensure the best learning practice. Their objective to promote skill and knowledge in students. They have divided the course in major modules so that students can select by their own, what they want to learn along with the learning also help in job assistance.

Their trainers are working in the IT industry and make this digital marketing course more professional. DM Guru is the best when you want to learn the modules differently.

Course Link: digital marketing course

Module : 30 modules

Time period: 115 hours

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: INR 44,000

Website :


  1. Digi Trend

It is an institute which has set a pace in this digital world they provide different digital marketing courses according to the needs of the students. They offer courses from 1 month to 6 months, all of the courses are based on the live projects but the difference is of modules which they are offering.

Their courses provide full fledge digital marketing training with internship. The have got good knowledgeable trainers who make students workable. Digit trend is one of the rising digital marketing institute in Gurgaon and it also have a brand in Lucknow. Institutes like digi trend have a great impact on the market, they provide new idea and frame to the industry.

Course Link: digital marketing courses

Module : 8-30 modules

Time period: 1,3 & 6 months

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: INR 9,000 – 45,000

Website :


  1. Simpli learn

Simpli learn is also a famous digital marketing institute in it offer course named Digital Marketing Certified Associate (DMCA). They also claim, after completing the course you will get the full fledge knowledge of digital marketing. Getting trained from simpli learn will increase the value of the students as it has a good brand name in the market.

They provide live classes to the students led by the instructor which make thing easier for the students. They also record the class so that if anyone misses something they can get it afterwards. Online classes have also grown in India and people are adapting with the change, it has cross the limits of boundary and lines.

Course Link: Digital Marketing Specialist 

Module : 18 modules

Time period: 90 to 180 days

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: INR7,799 – 12,599

Website :


  1. Aptron

Aptron is an institute which provide many of the courses including digital marketing in Gurgaon. They offer classroom training to their students and making them better in digital marketing. The objective is to provide the training and make the student practically enable to serve in industry better.

Trainers are also good the institute and are very much professional, they know how to train the students and get the best out of them. Along with the digital marketing learnings they provide job assistance to their students, they have different digital marketing courses as per the different need of the students, students will get to learn all of the things in digital marketing in every course.

Course Link: Regular Track, Weekend Track and Fast Track

Module : 16 modules

Time period: 5 days to 8 weekends

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assistance

Fee structure: NA

Website :


  1. DSIM

Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM) has its own brand value and it is the area of digital marketing training when digital marketing has just entered in the market. DSIM is one of the oldest digital marketing training institute in India it is running from almost last 10 years. It has many branches in India and have many students too.

The course they offer is masters in digital marketing where they target students, job seekers and working professionals, they also encourage for the free demo class. DSIM ensure after completing their digital marketing course the students will be expert in digital marketing further they also provide job assurance to their students.


Course Link: Master’s in Digital Marketing

Module : 36 modules

Time period: 3 to 6 months

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assurance

Fee structure: INR 65,000

Website :


  1. SEO Craft

SEO craft offers practical training through the industry expert, it is a digital marketing agency which does digital marketing projects and also helps students to educate about digital marketing. SEO craft provides live projects to the student to explore more in digital marketing as they are already a digital marketing agency.

The trainers are also very knowledgeable as they are working in the agency and also help students to learn and explore more in digital marketing they also conduct separate problem solving discussion. Their program is also placement oriented.

Course Link: Advance digital marketing certification course

Module : 16+ modules

Time period: 3 months

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: placement assurance

Fee structure: INR 44,000

Website :


  1. IWT Training Institute

It is a reputed IT education institute in Gurgaon, they offer multiple courses where digital marketing is also one of them. IWT is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in Gurgaon. The Institute provides on-line and off-line digital marketing training in Gurgaon & Noida and across India.

IWT offers customized digital marketing training course with updated tools & study material. The Institute has dedicated Digital Marketing experts in faculty who have years of industry experience.

We provide training on live projects & provide different tools for market research & analysis to students.

Course Link: Digital marketing course

Module : 18 modules

Time period: 3 months

Trainers Experience: NA

Batches: weekday and weekend

Placement opportunities: NA

Fee structure: NA

Website :


Job Support after completing Digital Marketing Course?

We can understand, just after completing digital marketing course, no one can be perfect to get a handsome package quickly. So we help Job seekers to practice over some of the projects and sharp their skills until they don’t get a good Job.

Students who learn digital marketing to build their career always want Job as soon as possible when they just complete their course. We also want same, to fulfill dream of those students we have special team who tie-ups with corporates and help our students to get easy jobs.

We make this course only with business focus, in this course you just don’t learn the digital marketing skills but we help students to make their mindset, that they can work grow any kind of business through Online.

How to Advance Your Career after Digital Marketing Course


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course for Job Seekers

Nowadays In India, there are so many digital marketing job opportunities available for freshers and people with a marketing background. This is the field where most of companies just start investing in digital marketing and due to high demand of professionals everyone is easily hired.


Benefits of Digital Marketing Course for Small Business Owners

Due to small investment every small and large business investing in digital marketing, small business owners have two choices either they have to go learn digital marketing themselves or hire a digital marketing agency.

But digital marketing agencies only can give a few hours to promote your business, but business owners having a good understanding of digital marketing can put more efforts to promote his business. Apart from this if they don,t have time to manage these all things, they can understand the reporting and the efforts of their hired digital marketing agency.

What we will cover in this Digital Marketing Course?

As I have already Mention our digital marketing course is specially designed for business growth through online presence. So we have cover everything in this training program who can help you to business goals in best possible ways. AAg Lga Denge

  1. Digital Marketing Overview :In digital marketing overview you learn the importance of Marketing ,Digital marketing and behaviors of Online consumers.
  2. Marketer Research :-Market research is very important for any business, you will learn how to find out the approx potential customers for any business over internet on different channels.
  3. Website Creation and Planning:- If you don’t have website you can learn digital marketing, so for people who don’t have website, we help to build their own website without coding to implement everything you learn in digital marketing training and check the real data.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):- You learn all ethical seo techniques to rank websites over search engines on business driven keywords. SEO help to generate organic traffic for website, you will learn everything by implement over your live project.
  5. Google Search Console:- Google search console help to analyse website interactions like crawling, indexing, and other robots issues.
  6. Google Analytics:- In Google analytics you will learn how to analyse website traffic and take decisions for your website and business to make it more better for your users.
  7. Social Media (SMO/SMM):- In social media optimization you will learn how to use different social media channels for business promotion organically. In Social Media Marketing You Learn how to promote products on social media channels instantly through paid campaigns and reach to potential customers through Facebook,twitter and LinkedIn.
  8. Google AdWords/PPC/SEM:
  9. Display Ads:-
  10. Shopping Ads:-
  11. Mobile Ads/APP Advertising:-
  12. Video Ads:-
  13. Email Marketing:-

7 Reasons to Join Digital Scholars Digital Marketing Course

Meeting your Objectives:  If you know why you want to learn digital marketing, like for job, business growth or managing digital marketing team you can easily decide, which institute or professional can fulfill your requirements.

Experts to train you: Choosing a right institute only can help you to get good staff and support, but did’t guarantee for good learning. So make sure the trainer has good industry exposure, also work on some industry projects, just don’t follow the Big brand names.

In recent days there are so many digital marketing institutes are open in gurgaon and some of other institutes also add start this course even they don’t have any idea about the topic.

So most of institute just hire trainers without guidance and lack of knowledge. Also check the trainer availability, can trainers can support you even after the classes, this can help you to practice and implement things on projects just after the learning.

Live Projects Based: When it comes to digital marketing you can’t learn things without live projects, is programming and other field somehow you get the output instantly. But in Digital marketing your results depend on various factor.

So if your complete training go through live projects you can easily aware of terms and their implementation. This hands on practice helps you to get easily hire as a freshers as compare to people who just learned the things but never learn to implement over live projects.

Extra Support: If you have complete the digital marketing course and think, you are expert now. You are 100% wrong, Just after completing the course you aware about the all content covered in this program who can help any business/brand to reach their potential customers.

But if your aim is to grow your business, you also need extra support apart from regular hours, If you want job you also need job assistance and interview preparation support, If you need to manage team you also need extra hours to understand things accordingly.

Placement Assistance:- If your purpose for learning digital marketing is just finding a job in this field, then also check for Job assistance after completing the course. Is that institute have some tie-ups with agencies or placement consultants or their some of their past students are getting placed or not.